Paminder S. Parmar PE, CFM founded Parmar Engineering in 2005.   Mr. Parmar has nationwide experience in the field of hydraulics and mapping applications.  His reputation, expertise in the field, and commitment to serving clients to exceed expectation is the cornerstone of the company’s mission and success.


Mr. Parmar obtained both his Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science degrees in Civil Engineering from the Urbana Champaign campus of the University of Illinois. His Masters degree focused on surface water hydrology. While obtaining his degrees, Mr. Parmar gained considerable field experience while employed part time at the USGS Illinois Water Science Center in Urbana, IL.

In the two decades since graduating, Mr. Parmar has continued to focus on complex large-scale water resources projects. He has completed numerous studies using 1 and 2D steady and unsteady hydraulics as well as event and continuous hydrology. Mr. Parmar is a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in California and Illinois and a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM).  


Highlights of his project experience are as follows:


Livingston County, IL All Hazards Mitigation Plan  Performed geospatial services in support of the Hazard Mitigation Plan. Created on-line tool at no additional cost to client.

Alder Creek Hydromodification, Sacramento County, CA  Performed continuous (non-event) H&H simulations to propose design solutions so that post development geomorphological work done on the channel does not increase.

Using NEXRAD data for Model Calibration, Dupage County, IL  Showed that the usage of freely available NEXRAD data can be a cost effective method to perform historical and near real time simulations for flood control.

Beacon Solar Energy Park, Kern County, CA  Performed services for the California Energy Commision (CEC) in regards to the modification of Pine Tree Creek in the area of the proposed solar energy park.

Cook County Detailed Watershed Plans, Cook County, IL  Prepared detailed watershed plans for MWRDGC for four watersheds in Cook County (Farmer-Prairie Creek, Flagg Creek, Plum Creek, & Deer Creek). Watershed Plans generally involved complex unsteady hydraulics in substantially urban areas with numerous hydraulic structures, flow paths, pump stations, etc. Existing floodplain maps were updated and flood mitigation solutions were proposed.

Spoon River Watershed TMDL Determination, West Central IL  Performed continuous hydrological simulation modeling to quantify the effects of various BMP’s on the reduction of nitrogen and phosphorous from agricultural runoff in the 1636 square mile agricultural watershed.

Ilinois River Floodplain Naturalization, Central Illinois  Performed unsteady hydraulic modeling to study the effects of combinations of levee and dam removal for the Lower Illinois River. The work attempted to minimize stage fluctuations during the critical growing season.

2D Modeling of the Ilinois River, Central Illinois  Performed 2D steady and unsteady hydraulic simulations of the 40-mile reach of the Illinois River between Henry and Peoria, IL. The model helped gain an understanding of the sedimentation issues in Peoria Lake as well as the hydraulic connections between the numerous backwater lakes in the reach.

Kankakee River Sediment Analysis, Kankakee County, IL  Performed sediment modeling for 103 miles of river to quantify existing issues regarding erosion, deposition, and bridge scour in the reach.

2D Sediment Modeling of Peoria Lake, Central Illinois  Performed 2D sedimentation modeling of Peoria Lake in support of the design of artificial islands for the purposes of reducing sedimentation and dredging costs in the shipping lanes of Peoria Lake.

Lower Cache River Hydrologic and Hydraulic Assessment, Southern Illinois  Performed various unsteady hydraulic simulations to determine the effects of various sediment reducing strategies for the 358 square mile Cache River watershed.

Tropical Storm Allison Recovery Project, Harris County, TX  Performed field work in documenting flooding and damages that occurred.

Lake Brauning Thermal Modeling, San Antonio, TX  Performed water quality and temperature modeling in support of new power generation unit on Lake Brauning.

Environmental Exposure and Leptospirosis, Iquitos, Peru   Performed fieldwork and geospatial analysis to determine the source and mitigation strategies for Leptospirosis (a waterborne disease).

White Oak Bayou Flood Control Project, Harris County, TX   Performed H&H analysis for 25 miles to update floodplain maps and propose flooding solutions.

Juan Carlos Martinez, PE, QSD is a Senior Engineer and Senior Associate at Parmar Engineering.  Mr. Martinez has a wealth of knowledge in the field of water resources engineering and has become a vanguard of innovation, technical expertise, and quality assurance in the last ten years. 


Mr. Martinez holds two degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in Biology and Civil Engineering. In his studies, Mr. Martinez specialized in biochemistry, water quality treatment and GIS enabled water resources solutions.


Mr. Martinez has a dedicated history of serving consultancy to large agencies on multi-million dollar, high profile projects.  His project experience is a wide ranging expertise of water resources engineering projects as well as a remote sensing and GIS applications projects. Mr. Martinez is a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in California and a Qualified Stormwater Designer (QSD) in California.


Mr. Martinez is a vanguard of innovation in the field.  He has modeled,  designed and built complex coordinated arrays of detention basins in difficult urban environments.  In the modeling arena, he has tested to launch the initial Arc GeoRAS and ArcGeoHMS pre and post processors and was on the engineering team that created the first ArcHydro based model network and flood prediction systems in the country.  Mr. Martinez also managed the aquisition and production of  the largest 1-ft contour equivalent LiDAR topography dataset in the country; a dataset larger than 9,500 square miles.


Highlights of his project experience are as follows:


Stormwater and Stream Restoration Projects:

MTA Purple Line Design-Build RFP, Maryland   Final stormwater design quality assurance and alternatives proposal for this multi-million dollar light rail transportation design-build endeavor.

Williamson County Roadway Edward's Aquifer Protection Permits, Texas   Permit and stormwater design expert for multi-million dollar roadway design projects

West Outfall Improvement Project, Victoria, Texas  Stormwater and USACE 404 permit expert for eroded stream segments for the City of Victoria, TX.        

H&H Modeling and Design:

Gallo Winery Flood Control Master Plan, Modesto, California   Modeled and designed flood controls for multi-million dollar facility based on complex probability analyses of multi year hydrology and resultant extreme flows from a regional dam.

CDOT Bridge Design Hydrology and Hydraulic Analyses, Colorado   H&H design and scour expert for multi-billion dollar multiple bridge replacement.

Parmer Lane Construction, Williamson County, Texas  Modeling and Drainage Design Lead for multi-million dollar roadway project crossing major streams and rivers.

Laddie Place Detention Basin Construction Project, San Antonio, Texas  Manager and Technical Lead for a million dollar detention pond construction project.


Modeling and GIS Applications:

CA DWR Central Valley Floodplain Evaluation and Delineation (CVFED) Project, California  Manager of Special Projects and PTechnical Lead for GIS products, stewardship and system integration of  GIS products and documents for $100M project.

San Antonio Regional Authority (SARA) Regional Watershed Modeling System (RWMS), San Antonio, Texas   Technical liason to nations first ArcHydro based flood model and flood prediction/warning system.

Bexar County FEMA Flood Insurance Restudy Project, Texas  Hydraulic modeling lead for multi-million agency detailed FEMA FIRM flood study.

Laddie Regional Stormwater Detention Facility Preliminary Designs, San Antonio, Texas  Technical expert and project lead on a multi-million dollar, high profile, flood detention basin network.


CA DWR Central Valley Floodplain Evaluation and Delineation (CVFED) Project, California 

Led management design and the quality assurance of a $30M (9,500 square mile) LiDAR and photogrammetry multi-use project.


Residential and Commercial Construction Services:

Contra Costa Ave, Berkeley, CA: Stormwater and LID Designs Design, specification and construction of Low Impact Development and high efficiency stormwater management measures including the largest residential Green Roof in the City to date.




FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) Chacon Creek  One-dimensional steady hydraulic modeling of a wide floodplain environment including roadway crossings and a spillway for the City of Laredo, Texas as a subcontractor to PBS&J, Inc.


Residential and Commercial Civil Services, SF Bay Area  A series of projects involving general Civil Engineering services for residential and commenrcial private clients. Efforts include grading plans, staging-parking-traffic control plans, stormwater plans, drainage plans, residential roadway plans, utility plans, specifications, reports, and project management. 


FEMA Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) Unnamed Tributary to Camp Creek   One dimensional steady hydraulic modeling of an rural floodplain including roadway crossings for Piatt County, Illinois as a subcontractor to GET, Inc.

Eagle Foods Center Redevelopment Drainage Analysis for an urban floodplain and commercial site in Bloomington, Illinois as a subcontractor to GET, Inc.


Mapping Services, University of Illinois   Performed Geospatial Information System (GIS) mapping services to provide display and information maps for technical staff presentation for the University of Illinois.


Alder Creek and Admin Ditch Improvements  One dimensional unsteady hydraulic and long term hydrologic analysis including geomorphologic assessment of two tributary streams in Sacramento County, California as a subcontractor to CBEC, Inc.

Rose Creek and San Clemente Creek Hydraulic Study  One dimensional unsteady hydraulic modeling of two highly urban tributary streams with multiple roadway structures in San Diego County, California as a subcontractor to CBEC, Inc.
Livingston County Hazard Mitigation Plan  A project performed to develop GIS-enabled  web applications and produce hazard mapping products for a mitigation plan for Livingston County, Illinois. 
DuPage County Flood Study: NexRAD Calibration  A study to ascertain the applicability of NexRAD data to perform post event model calibration as well as near real time simulations



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